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Taxonomy is one of the features making Single Latest Posts really competitive, it allows you to control which categories or tags should be listed. Something you should know is when taxonomy parameters are used, if no posts match the criteria then nothing will be shown. Important: categories and tags slugs must be used, instead of names, for example if you want to display posts under the category “My Category” you must use its slug: “my-category” otherwise it won’t work, the same goes for the tags.

If you want to pull posts from multiple categories and/or tags then you must pass slugs separated by commas ex: category=cat1,cat2,cat3 tag=tag1,tag2,tag3.


[slposts number_posts=10 category=usage tag=wordpress-plugin]
  • Andrew Goodrich

    How can I use custom taxonomies instead of ‘category’ or ‘tag’? For example, I have a post type ‘books’, and I want to be able to filter by genre=romance. I definitely don’t see a way to do this in the widget, and when I tried doing it in the shortcode, the result was that it couldn’t find any matching results.

    • L’Elite

      Hello Andrew, thank you for your purchase. To pull posts from custom taxonomies there are six (06) parameters which can help you achieve that:

      – custom_post_type
      – category
      – tag
      – taxonomy
      – taxonomy_cat
      – taxonomy_tag

      Parameters by default are set to:

      – custom_post_type = post
      – category = NULL
      – tag = NULL
      – taxonomy = NULL
      – taxonomy_cat = category
      – taxonomy_tag = post_tag

      So in your case you should use something like:

      – custom_post_type = books
      – taxonomy = genre
      – category = romance

      I hope this helps, if you need more information or further explanations, please let me know.

      Best regards,
      José SAYAGO

  • Stéphanie


    How can i display my posts in two colums please ?
    Where are the custom css ?
    Thanks of lot !
    See you later
    Bye Stéphanie