Display Type

Single Latest Posts include different display types that wrap content between specific HTML tags to simplify CSS styling. There are three (3) types: ulist, olist and block. By default unordered lists (ulist) are used.

You can of course manipulate CSS styles to control the visual presentation.


1.- Unordered lists: [slposts] // Style by default, you don't need to explicitly pass its value
2.- Ordered lists: [slposts display_type=olist]
3.- Blocks: [slposts display_type=block]
  • http://www.cheekychickblog.com/ The Cheeky Chick

    Hi there :-)

    I’ve got one last question… Is there any way to put the title above the block posts? I’ve got mine in a vertical list and I’d really love it if the title was sitting on top of the photo, with the description below it.

    Thanks again :-)

    • http://laelite.info/ L’Elite

      Hello there, I’ll create an example and get back to you asap.