Displaying Thumbnails

Single Latest Posts allows you to display thumbnails for posts, however your theme must support them. Optionally you can specify the width and height for thumbnails – please note, WordPress just crop images it doesn’t allow resizing (so images don’t lose their proportions) -, once your images has been uploaded these values won’t work if they are superior to the size of the thumbnail already registered, you must regenerate them with another plugin if you want to change this.

This plugin also includes placeholders for posts which doesn’t have thumbnails. There are three (3) different options for thumbnails fillers: placeholder (by default), kittens, puppies and optionally there is another one which you can set through the Single Latest Posts Settings page.


[slposts thumbnail=true] // Display thumbnails
[slposts thumbnail=true thumbnail_wh=80x80] // Crop thumbnails to 80px by 80px
[slposts thumbnail=true thumbnail_filler=puppies] // Sets puppies as thumbnail filler
[slposts thumbnail=true thumbnail_class=alignleft] // CSS class for your thumbnails

  • http://www.cheekychickblog.com/ The Cheeky Chick

    Hi there :-) I absolutely LOVE this plugin! I was wondering if there is any CSS to add a frame around the thumbs? I’m not very tech-savvy and can’t figure it out. Thanks in advance :-)

    • http://laelite.info/ L’Elite

      Hello, thank you for your kind words. Indeed visual appearance can be adapted using CSS styles, you just have to create a custom stylesheet and set it through the shortcode or widget you’ll be using.

      I’ve uploaded a custom stylesheet to make it easier to modify, I’ve put at the end of the file the CSS classes required to manipulate thumbnail frames, please visit this link to download the file: https://gist.github.com/laelitenetwork/11306917

      To use this file, just upload it to your active WordPress theme folder (where style.css is found), then in your shortcode or widget set the css_style parameter to the name of the file without the .css extension (if the file is named slposts_thumbframes.css, then put in the shortcode or widget: slposts_thumbframes).

      I’m attaching two examples of what can be done (of course more advanced effects can be achieved using inset shadows and other CSS tricks).

      The CSS file linked makes thumbnails frames look like the first example. Feel free to play with the CSS classes found after the commented section:

      * =========================
      * | |
      * | — Thumbnail Frames |
      * | |
      * =========================

      If you need more assistance please do not hesitate to ask.

      Best regards,
      José SAYAGO.

  • Michelle Fettes

    My posts have images in them can I set the thumbnail to be the images in the post?

    • http://laelite.info/ L’Elite

      Hello Michelle, once thumbnail has been set to true; featured images will be displayed. In case a featured image is not found, then one of the placeholders will be used in its place.